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The Stamp Collection Center launched in 1994 and has become a trusted source for thousands of stamp collectors all over the world. We consider our customers as one big family and do everything to make your stamp and stamp collections purchases as pleasurable as possible.

Service and reliability are the foundations of our success. Search by country and find entire stamp collections, stamp albums or single postage stamps in our stamp lisitings. Feel free to contact us at any time for help or advise.

Most Recent Stamp Collections
$ 860.50
STAMPS: Lot number: 5443 Country: Belgium
Contents: Hinged/Used: folder

1849/1935. A nice collection with a lot fo better material from the 30's.
$ 860.50
STAMPS: Lot number: 5347 Country: Falkland Islands
Contents: Mainly MNH: stock book

A messy collection with a lot of better sets.
$ 397.50
STAMPS: Lot number: 5340 Country: Netherlands
Contents: Used/Hinged: album

1852/1976. A reasonably filled collection.
$ 3443.00
STAMPS: Lot number: 5335 Country: Spain
Contents: : 3 albums and 3 stock books

A messy and extensive collection with a large amount of material.
$ 2317.50
STAMPS: Lot number: 5333 Country: Italy
Contents: Used/Hinged/MNH: folder

A great collection, until 1977. Incl. States and Regions.
$ 2317.50
STAMPS: Lot number: 5332 Country: Monaco
Contents: MNH: 8 luxury albums

1962/2000. A very extensive collection with a lot of sheets of 10. High purchase value.
$ 596.00
STAMPS: Lot number: 5331 Country: New Zealand
Contents: Used/Hinged/MNH: album

1855/1990. A nice collection.
$ 66.00
STAMPS: Lot number: 5319 Country: Sweden
Contents: MNH: small box

Lot with over 50 different stamp booklets.
$ 66.00
STAMPS: Lot number: 5318 Country: Sweden
Contents: MNH: small box

Collection with over 50 different stamp booklets.
$ 132.50
STAMPS: Lot number: 5312 Country: Yugoslavia
Contents: MNH: stock book

Collection of miniature sheets and booklets, incl. modern and better. High catalogue value.
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